Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli



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I read an article on using the WSM to bake or make pizza so I thought I would give it a try and make calzones and stromboni.

I made pizza dough and while it was rising I prepped the peppers, onions and steak for the cheesesteak. I hammered down some thin cut ribeyes and soaked them in a marinade of pineapple-habanero jelly (Texas Pepper Jelly), worcestershire sauce and soy sauce. I seared them on the Smokey Joe while the dough was rising.


I set up the WSM as an oven by putting the charcoal rack directly on top of the lower grill rack. I put the grates 90 degrees to each other so the lump charcoal wouldn't fall through the grate.


I got the chimney going and dumped it on top of some oak lump along with the leftover charcoal that was in the Smokey Joe. I set the pizza stone on top of a rib rack so it would be up in the dome and put a heat shield under the stone to help circulate the heat.


I sliced up the ribeye, and layered it heavily with sauteed bell peppers and a purple onion. I rolled the pizza dough up around the cheesesteak to make Stromboli. It's a cheesesteak so you have to use cheese whiz.


I 'baked' the stromboli in the WSM at 500 or so degrees for about thirty minutes. I stuck my temp probe into an onion and put it under the stone to try and get some idea of the temp. It ran between 490 and 520. I left the bottom vents open all the way for the first part of the cook, I wanted the WSM up to temperature quickly. I shut the bottom vents down halfway after a while and the temp settled out at 515 or so. It started to drop a little toward the end of the cook. I opened the door a bit and the temp jumped right back up. With more charcoal in the ring and the door cracked open, I bet you could run it up to 600 or so with no issues.

Here's the finished product. I made a calzone too but didn't take any pictures:


Have a great weekend.


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Congratulations!!! This is one of the first original cooking ideas that I have seen for the WSM.

Ernie D

That looks great.

Nice work showing the WSM has some versatility. I think a lot of people under-estimate all that it can do.

I love the creative setup.
Wow, amazing use of your WSM! I've got the TPJ folks on speed dial, we go through a ton of pineapple/hab and the berry medley jalapeno has replaced smuckers for everything. Love that stuff!

RichPB (richlife)

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Fantastic! Great pics! Thanks for sharing the details of your recipe and the WSM setup. Very, very helpful for us newbies. I have definitely added this recipe for the near future. I was trying to decide whether to do this on my WSM or my Genesis grill, but I think that because of the flexibility in the recipe and the possibilities for individual strombolis, I'll try to do the complete recipe on both units and get a good comparison of the two. I've done lots of pizza, quesadillas and other "baked/grilled" stuff, so this is a natural. Thanks again and happy eating, Rich