Pernil (aka Pork Shoulder) looking to do an 8-10lber on a rotisserie

Any hints? Do’s or Donts?

I intend to inject with Mojo 24-48 hrs make holes in shoulder to inject minced garlic, salt,pepper, olive oil and Cumin. cook to 185-195. 30minutes per pound. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I did a Wiki on Pernil, then scrambled to Google and found this gal's technique. Hopefully, someone with knowledge unlike myself will offer help but I enjoyed watching her. Yeah, I know she used an oven, lol. I also enjoyed reading the comment of the dork calling her a liar. Now I want Pernil. I might just try her recipe with your rotisserie technique! If shredding is the name of the game for Pernil then your temp range or north seems right in my feeble mind.
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Timothy F. Lewis

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I usually try to get skin on shoulders and slash that and stuff a combination of salt fresh oregano and garlic under the skin as far as I can stuff, rub whatever is left on the whole surface, the salt crisps up the skin really nicely. I like the turn and burn idea, might need to try that soon.


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I prefer picnics for pernil, score that skin, quite tasty.
Pork shoulder used to mean the whole shoulder ( picnic&butt) but nowadays you see butts labeled that way, rarely picnics IME.

Following Up

I wouldn't do that on a butt or picnic like the OP mentioned.
Safe to eat? Yes.
Cooked to tender? Nope.:)


I will take your advice North of 180 is the call and to make sure is nice & crispy. I am going to add a couple handfuls of peach wood to add some additional flavor. Pictures to follow!