Performers metal table rusty


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Have any of you experienced rust on your performers metal table? I had 2 of the platinum one touch with the plastic table, in fact, still have one. They would crack and stain so this seemed like an improvement but the rust has now gotten pretty bad and will begin to get much worse from this point. Hate to file a warranty claim but it’s 2-3 years old and in 2-3 more, it will be a huge mess. I live in Florida so it is wet and humid but I do keep it covered w a Weber brand cover.

Just wondering if others have seen a trend like this w the metal tables.

Richard Garcia

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Down here in the San Jose, Costa Rica Area I keep my Weber Performer Deluxe(bought new around 3 weeks ago),WSM 18" "Classic",Weber Smoky Joe(WSJ) and Weber 22" Mastertouch Grill(WMT) stored in a Covered Patio Area without any covers. The major problem down here is with the humidity producing Mold, however, I have not had a rust problem(except for the Charcoal Grates) with the WSM,WSJ,WMT Grills and Smoker that are four(4) years or older. Also, I leave the door off the WSM during our rainy season May-Oct and Air-out this BBQ equipment under the hot sun once-a-week which has controlled my past mold problem.

Bill - MO

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I have not had rust issues myself, but replacing the screws with stainless steel hardware is a good way to help prevent rust from accumulating because the included hardware seems be to be the first thing to rust. You can try your hand with Weber with a warranty claim and you might get lucky.

If not, then you might look into having it sand blasted and powder coated or something. I would still make the stainless steel hardware switch though.