Pastrami smoke temperature



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on the interwebs you'll find temperatures suggested for everything from 165 to 205 + for cooking pastrami.

So i cooked my pastrami to 192 this weekend. not quite as high as I usually take a brisket too. Prime brisket flat. Obviously too far, it was crumbly when sliced 1/8" thin.
Taste good, but obviously needs to retain that fat more in the meat to hold together.

Meatheads site said to go to like 203 if you weren't going to steam it afterwardsand 165 if you were going to steam it to 203. I wasn't going to steam it.

Imo, way too hot for it.

Guessing I'll stop at 165-170 next time.


I only used pepper and coriander this time. Any recommends on additions to the cure? I was surprised at how much smell the cured slab retained after washing and soaking to remove salt, still smelled like pastrami.

I've always had a thing for hot pastrami sandwiches with Coleman's mustard.....
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