P Chops


A Moe

I'm Grilling some Chops tonight. I usually season with Salt, Fresh Pepper, White Sugar, and Dill. I am kinda have a hankerin for something different. Any Suggestions?

A Moe

Thanks Jeff. That does look pretty good. I didnt get a chance to try it though. I had some 1.25" chops out. i didnt think the marinade would soak it up quick enough. Idea for next time though.

Jeff R

Sorry, should have mentioned I do this with 1" chops. What I lik about it is that you do get foot flavor in such a short time. Especially if you reserve some to baste with

A Moe

Yeah i am really pumped to try it. I do not marinade with vinegar alot it will be different than I am used to for sure. I love soy sauce and honey.

Les Stubby

A Moe

I know this is too late, but I used Sriracha sauce mixture last night on my chops. Really excellent on chicken and pork. You'll find a bunch of posts about it in this site.


Ron G.

TVWBB Wizard
Ooh baby! I like pork chops -

I like to grill them indirect with kosher salt & fresh-ground pepper until they start to brown (about 20 minutes) and then, brush them down with (take your pick):

-50/50 honey & Dijon mustard (Inglehoffer HOT)
-Almost any decent BBQ Sauce (Sweet Baby Rays..)
-Pineapple / Brown Sugar / soy (maybe some sesame and/or ginger)

Leave it on for a while & do both sides so that the sauce gets sticky & carmelizes.

Favorite sides - stuffing, baked sweet potato, beans, German potato salad, asian-style cabbage slaw, gilled pineapple slices....

Phil Perrin

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The Weber ROTW brined pork chops with balsamic reduction is a HUGE hit around here. Great for thick chops.

Bry H

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Two seasonings that I love on pork chops (not at the same time, but two different things to try):

Cavendars (sp?) and Penzys's Northwoods


<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Jeff R:
Why yes I do. Several here have done This one and it is quite good </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

Thanks! I used this recipe tonight and made some tasty chops.

Robert McGee

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One of the favorite ways I have to do pork chops (one of my favorite grilled meats) is to liberally apply Montreal Steak Seasoning and grill over a very hot fire. It only takes about four minutes a side (YMMV). I pull the chops and use Larry Wolfe's Orange Marmalade Sriracha Sauce on top of the chops (as a sauce at the table).

It hardly gets any better than that.


Ed M.

We like to give our chops a coating of some olive oil, then a sprinkling of Montreal Chicken Seasoning on both sides and on to the Weber indirect, until about 140 degrees. For grilling, I like a nice, thick, bone in chop!

Bob H.

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I like to add some celery salt and fresh garlic aoli. When they are about two or three minutes from done, cover with your favorite bbq sauce.

Dave Russell

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Brine every time and try not to pull the chops much over 150* IT. USDA 160* is overkill and overcooked, but the brine makes cooking 'em MUCH more forgiving if you screw up like myself when grilling a bunch of 'em.