OSHPARK has new Service OSHCut

John Bostwick

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Just saw this today on my Facebook page and thought I would pass it along as I cut have used this service 3 weeks ago when I welded up my firepit insert.

Cheap cheap
I could have got my parts cut and delivered for 200 10 gauge steel, and I had local quotes for 700. In the end I did it myself for probably twice that amount in 16 gauge steel(just the flange part)



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John Bostwick

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Thanks for the heads up on this one, I could see this service come in handy!
Your firepit looks great!
Thanks Ralph,

Been doing the back yard since June, retaining wall, removed grass, put down 9 yards of pea gravel, finished fire pit will add rotisserie and grate. Next will be 16x12 or 24x12 deck with a pergola all done by me.

I'm actually thinking about redoing the insert now that I found this.


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Bryan Mayland

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Oh wow that's great. I need to see what they'd charge to do the little metal plate bit that people need to hook a damper up to an Egg.

John Bostwick

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I would say it would be fairly cheap depending on the material used. I selected cold rolled 10 gauge and one piece was quoted at $48.08 for 1 for this part in my picture. Prices gets cheaper with more parts ordered. 4 parts at $46

24 gauge $10.17

Hot rolled
10 gauge $46.33

#4 finish gauge 10 $135.05

Precision 4140 alloy steel
3/8 $1836- out of my price range lol

They have tons of gauges and types of materials


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John Bostwick

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I also played around with my part and shipping is effected big time, ouch.

4 parts equal a 52.5 inch circle
4 parts to make circle $185
4 parts shipping $38.98

If I combine 2 parts for a part that is 51.606 x 33.045

1 parts = $108.32
2(half circle) = $106.30

Shipping cost
2 day Old Dominion Freight = $286.35

1 complete circle ring 52.5 x 52.5 inches

2 day shipping $545.41

Boy I would love for a single ring without welds, but I can't, the shipping cost would be prohibitive.
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