Oscillating Multitool Cutting for Notching

BR Cameron

New member
Does anyone have experience cutting a notch on the WSM with an oscillating multitool? I'm wondering if this tool would be an acceptable substitute for an angle grinder. Thank you.

Geo S

Don't know about a multi tool, probably could, but a plain old hacksaw would also do it in less time then it takes to change the cutter.


TVWBB Hall of Fame
I've never tried cutting a notch on my WSM's ( don't see a need ) but I've used my Fein for cutting/notching metal. Works just fine:)
Agree with Geo, hacksaw in a pinch.


Dustin Dorsey

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I used a dremel to cut a notch on my kettle. I have the grommet for the wsm and while it's more cumbersome than the notch I deal with it.