One Touch Platinum circa 2002

Jon Tofte

TVWBB Honor Circle
Kyle that turned out GREAT! I think painting the leg supports black worked out well, even if it was my suggestion 😆 . How much are you going to list it for? [SORRY, I see $150...that's extremely fair. Don't give it away!] I would be really happy to have one that nice. I don't care about the propane start since I use a long handled torch. But a beautiful wood table like that would be very sweet. It would work well with a regular kettle next to it sharing that table space.
I hope you do well and glad (sort of) that I am far enough away to not be sorely tempted :coolkettle: !

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Solid $150 for sure! I need to do give this old horse some TLC this season, the hard part is, it’s rarely cool enough to give it a complete cleaning! I use it four out of five days a week, sometimes more than one time a day!
Looks good Kyle!
Ok, I have an offer for $140 and also a few low ball offers. Should I hold out for $150? I kind of would like to just sell it for $140 since it's only a $10 difference... Help me decide! 😁
And Sold! Before consulting you guys, I didn't think there was any way I would get close to $150 selling this grill. It cost me $50 and a little of my time cleaning and painting the braces, but was worth it! Buyer seemed pretty excited to buy it too.