Oklahoma Onion Burgers

That's lookin good ........... same basic method Kosmo teaches. Kosmo went to work at Roberts in El Reno, OK when he was 16 yo. He knows the genuine Oklahoma onion burger. Interesting that YT vid you posted has over one million views and Kosmos only has 147,000. Kosmos personality is bit more over the top, than the laid back guy from Pennsylvania 😄

First onion burger I had was at a place called Big Eds here in OKC, back in the 70's.

I remember Big Ed's. Spent lots of time in his first restaurant in Del City. He then opened a couple. He was big. I would guess way over 3 pounds.
This was our dinner Monday night. DH said these are going on our make more often list. He REALLY enjoyed them.
I highly recommend the bacon jam to add to this from this recipe. This bacon jam made my fourth of July smash burgers some for the best burgers I have ever had!!! I think it would be so good added to a smasher burger with all those cooked onions.