Nitrile Gloves


Richard Garcia

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How do you judge the right-size in placing over the glove that handles the hot-stuff and separating pulled-pork or are they sold only one-size?


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The last box I got came with the cotton “inner” glove as a set so, that’s one I can’t answer. I’ve got a set of “Rappica” rubberized ones from Amazon for more heavy duty work.
At Costco, they sell nitrile gloves in small, medium, and large sizes. When pulling pork, I often wear a cotton work glove covered with a large nitrile glove and that fits well for me.

Depending on your hand size it's best to get one size over.
I have some coated work gloves in large and I slip a pair of XL Venom gloves from Menards.
Both are washable and reusable.