New router... stupid decision



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My old wireless router had been dropping out lately, so I decided to replace it. Simple job, just unplug the old and plug in the new then log in. I realized I could change the SSID and password to the same as my old router, but I thought "how hard can it be to type in a couple new passwords". I did not imagine how many passwords I would have to change. Computers, tablets, Alexa, Kindle, printer, refrigerator, alarm, cameras, smart lights and switches. I am sure I forgot to mention some and more keep popping up. That was bad enough, but in addition, the alarm, smart gadgets and cameras just disappeared and everything had to be set up just like the day I bought them. Too me two days and I think I have got all the gadgets and routines back to normal.

Moral--take 2 minutes to change the SSID and password before putting a new router into service or spend 2 days of total frustration.
<chuckle> I just looked at my network dashboard.... 28 wired clients and 7 on WiFi. There are more than a few WiFi clients that aren't currently connected, those would be the problem children.

At least, DO change the admin password.
Okay, in full disclosure...... for some of us, this sort of thing is our stock in trade. Changing either WiFi names or passwords.... that'd be a challenge.

Shoot, just looking at the entertainment rack, I have a 5 port switch. 1 uplink, 1 for the dedicated video network, 1 for a WiFi access point, 1 for the Roku Ultra streamer, and 1 for the receiver. I'm trying to convince myself that I really don't need an 8 port switch there.
I live in a (mostly) electronic cave, I loathe the thought of how many things I’d have to fight with when I will need to change all that stuff!