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I had a nice conversation with a WSM distributor that said he has the new product list w/ 2 new model numbers for the WSM and new msrp. He could not tell me the new price but said the items should be available prior to Christmas and the new price was "significantly higher".
Now that is a scary thought. Makes what I already have that much better. I just got my WSM last year, and although I would love to have the newer model, I can't see taking out a second on my house just to have one.
Would be good to know what "significantly higher" actually means. Weber might be thinking in terms of sq.inches on the actual grill, which Chris noted as being 468 sq.inches vs. 701 sq.inches.

Using those numbers, the retail would be $450, AFAICT. Maybe $499 would be a good number to figure the new WSM 22 might be, they did add a handle, larger door, thermometer, that's gotta be worth $50 in Weber-ease...
I think Alan is correct on his assumptions about the prices of the new hardware. However, you already know that will have the best prices.

I am not sure about which one I will purchase first.
I will state for the record, that I will be buying the new WSM 22" as soon as it become available -- at any price.

Frankly, I remember what I paid for my current WSM, and considering the value of what it's done for me and my enjoyment, I would pay double.

I know the quality, I know the performance, and I know that it'll only allow me to have even more fun with what I already enjoy doing. There's no downside. As far as I'm concerned, it's a done deal.

One thing that we can calculate from experience is that the current WSM lists for $299 and Amazon sells it for $199~.

If we look at the same price structure, which I suspect a company like Weber adheres to, it would seem that $330 would be a realistic price to pay on the street, which lists for $500.

The interesting thing to see is if Weber will provide these same modifications, on the current WSM. IOW, will it now include a thermometer in the lid, will it also have the new door, heat shield on the bottom, etc...and if so the price will most likely go up on it.

This is all blue sky speculation of course, but it doesn't cost anything to think about!

Kevin, I missed your post, but I suspect that there are a lot of folks like you, that will buy the new model based on experience, because you need the space. I won't deny having the space would be nice, but I don't think I need it.

I was thinking between the $325 and $350, but I am like Kevin that if you know the product and it's top notch you really don't care what you pay for it. I bought a bicycle for over 4 thousand dollars about 12 years ago, but I could justify that amount. I averaged 5,000 miles yearly on my bicycle.
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The interesting thing to see is if Weber will provide these same modifications, on the current WSM. IOW, will it now include a thermometer in the lid, will it also have the new door, heat shield on the bottom, etc...and if so the price will most likely go up on it. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
According to the photo previously posted:

the new 18" will have all the new features of the 22", sans the larger door and the additional lid handle.

Thanks, I did see this pic before, but didn't study it close enough...given that I wonder if the price goes up on the 18 ???? I would think some.
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I am in for the "new 22" as well, and I might even get the 27" Kettle which I think is wise thinking on Weber's part to increase the volume but not the extent of the Ranch Kettle which is out of my price range and would take up a substantial amount of space in the old backyard.

I am excited that 2009 will bring a resurgence into the Weber Charcoal Grill line (and my wife is too- so no dramas there!)
If Amazon is selling the current 18" WSM for $200, how much more can I expect to pay for the 2009 model of the same size?

Here are the Suggested Retail Prices
26"One Touch Black MSRP $399
2009 18.5"SMC(WSM) MSRP $349
22.5" SMC MSRP $499

Official ship date is December 1st although I understand they will start shipping to distributors from factory as soon as production fires up in October.
ouch $350 for the 18" WSM! so, when do you believe they'll start blowing out the older 18" WSM model?
Before you get your panties in a bundle the WSM that Amazon sells for $199.01 lists for $299. Considering the amazon price went up and is now back down I'd say the sale has started. Although I doubt we'll ever see Homer OTG again.

If the current WSM can take first at the Jack then upgrading is a matter of personal choice. The product is not going to taste any better.
I may be a little off but I think that for $500, I would probably save up another $200 and go with something like a Treager or something like that. T o me, the $499(500) seems to be the breaking point between home/hobby/competition cookers and the expense of the larger Fast Eddy or Treager type smokers. That, to me, is part of the draw back to the Big Green Egg and Kamodo type smokers. Too Much Money for the amount of cooking space.

I have and use 2 WSMs in conjunction with a couple of Badera/Smoke King style offsets. I use them all and more frequently I use my WSMs for most of my cooks. Probably, if there is a fire sale on the older model units, I'll pick up a couple more but I just can't see spending that much more for a WSM.

To each their own.
I agree freedom of choice. I know pellet cookers win a lot. But they also break a lot. I've put over 5,000 pounds of pellets through Traegers and Cookshack $3,000 Fast Eddies. I'm down to the Pink Pig my wife wanted and got as an 18 year anniversary present two years ago. They are electrical and mechanical and they have a nasty habit of breaking at the worst possible time.
I couldn't swallow spending any more than $400 plus tax/shipping on the 22, or I'll just save and buy a XL BGE. I only use the bottom grate on my 18.5 about once a season, so I don't see a huge need to have the 22 at a price higher than that. God knows I'd be lucky to get $100 on the 18.5. I certainly don't need or keep both.
I was in a BBQ shop in Kansas City over the weekend and spoke with a few guys from the shop and they were told they would be selling it in October (mid-late) and the price would be $399. But nobody really knows what will happen we can just hope.