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Good morning. I’m Hannah from Denver. New here but not to smoking meat. I started with a Brinkmann charcoal smoker in October of 2019 and switched to a Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker 18.5” I picked up for $90 off facebook marketplace along with a 4 hr drive to Montrose, Colorado to get it in January of 2020.

It is already heavily modified with caster wheels and brakes, vent handles, cajun bandit stainless steel door, diffused firedial plate, arbor fabricating charcoal ring, cajun bandit folding side table, cajun bandit lid hinge, Lavalock lid temp gauge, high temp heat gaskets for the base, lid, midsection and door, weber handles added to the body to allow for picking it up and moving it, a silicone drip mat I ordered off of Amazon and the thermal blanket I just ordered for it last night.

So far to date I’ve smoked ribs, brisket, pork tenderloin, pork shoulder, pheasant, chukar partridge, macaroni, over the top chili, turkey, chicken and meatloaf.

Here’s a pic of my smoker and some of the delicious meals it has served up.

B2506620-42B8-4BBE-865A-2B49CA50EF8A.jpeg B5692C50-6EA1-4E91-A8E9-62C5FC40B50E.jpeg A90844FC-964E-4203-A743-32CF7C7061FC.jpeg 1313CB64-ECFE-4B6C-941F-2A4BE7032BE0.jpeg 5510E006-5FEF-4D07-9FA1-429E4CAFB05C.jpeg 6D53BC51-A12C-4EC2-9E10-F8AB1B0EE76D.jpeg A214C3CD-0534-4EF7-8D2D-F7C6EAB00E97.jpeg 2B287518-6AD7-457B-A39D-F8EF16AD848E.jpeg F6535F23-7CB0-4076-BE49-878DA51E14E9.jpeg B37697EA-9418-4137-8BB5-5C45F00E04E8.jpeg


Welcome Hannah. You are going to love this forum for everything Weber. Members are just as friendly and helpful as that other forum.😀

Jim C in Denver

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Hannah -- wow you've gone BIG on the mods. Add in the gas for the 600 mile Montrose round trip, and your $90 smoker is now probably over $1k!

What kind of handles are those? My garage door handles are a little flat for grabbing the hot cooker. Looks like yours might provide more clearance between the knuckles and hot metal.

You still use water? Or are you all firedial (which is what I do).

If you have any mod money left, I think you need to add a rib hanger and an ATC.