New Billows Feature: Open Lid Detection

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Received this update from ThermoWorks today:


Hello Chris,

Last week we announced an update for Signals that would provide Billows with Open Lid Detection. This has been the most requested update for Billows that we have received since launch. Customers have been notified of this update via email as well as a notification on their phone if they have the ThermoWorks BBQ app installed.

Open Lid Detection knows when the smoker lid has opened and helps Billows return the smoker to your set temp much quicker. It is triggered by a sudden drop of 10° F within 15 seconds. If the lid is found to be "open" and the temperature drops, Billows will stop blowing for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes' time, the fan will resume normal operation.

We are obviously very excited about this new feature and would appreciate your help in getting the word out!