New Big WSM Started

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Jason Elliott

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It's 3:45a.m. and I've started my new 22 1/2 WSM. I've got a small brisket, around 8 lbs., and an 8.5 lb pork butt smoking. I'm using the minion method, full chamber of Kingsford Blue, full water pan with hot tap water, hickory chips in the fire pan. Started 30 in the chimney using a sterno can as my starter source. Meat is on the bottom rack. I'll be adding bologna link, smoke sausage and maybe St.Louis style ribs to the top rack later this morning.

Around 1 p.m. I will be firing up the Performer with stainless side table (bought it and the rottissorie attachment for $180 off of CL), and grilling chicken using the Taco Bueno recipe.
Sounds Terrific Jason! Post photos when you're done

Welcome to the forum!! Whereabouts you cookin' from?
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