Need a suggestion using mushroom & sage infused olive oil for grilled rib eyes

Len Dennis

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For Sunday Mom's Day:

As the title suggest, I've got mushroom & sage infused olive oil. Been trying to find some kind of sauce for grilled rib eyes but most are for mushroom & sage infused basalmic vinegar marinades.

For base ingredients I have:

- mushroom & sage infused olive oil
- regular basalmic vinegar
- mushrooms
- garlic
- usual assortment of spices.

I didn't really want to do a marinade, rather some kind of sauce combined with the 'shrooms to spoon over the grilled steaks.

Ideas with specific ingredient quantities, etc?


I can't help you with the sauce.... but I have a bottle of similar stuff, and use it to make mushroom rice (modified pilaf method,) that turns out wonderful. The oil perfumes the rice nicely.


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Maybe a board dressing, or salsa Verde or chimichurri, just sub that for the Olive oil.
When you mention mushrooms and garlic a Hunters sauce comes to mind.

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