Need a good Injector

They pretty much all do the same, equally. Pick one. I’ve got the Traeger one, only because I was in a pinch. Other than that I refuse to buy anything Traeger.
I have had cheap and medium priced injectors, one word of advice, if your going to mix say a rub or grated garlic into your injection mix, look for one with a larger opening and needle, so it will not clog up. I picked up a plain grocery store setup and it has a larger opening and needle for under 10 bucks.
Yah, Is there really a big difference between the generic ones and the branded ones? I have never used one, but they seem to be pretty simple contraptions without a lot of bells and whistles.
Cheap ones do clog pretty easily in my limited experience. I would love to have a really good one. Spitjack? Hmm…will have to learn more.
I bought one at a thrift store a week or so ago. It is Cabelas brand so I would assume it is probably fairly good quality.
I have the gun type Malcolm Reed uses, I don’t remember the brand name. Works good though and I’ve used it a lot.