My version of a wsm-table

I made room for a dripping tray because before making the cart/table I experienced that due to condensation it sometimes dripped unclean water thru the hole in the "tray"/disk below the WSM. It stained my terrace, so thought better make a tray to gather it up.

I'm no expert, but I'm guessing you will only experience condensation when using the WSM in really cold weather, which we have during winters in Sweden. The lowest I've used it in so far is 14 degrees F.

In the picture blow you can see what I mean.


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I'll have to second the comments from all who posted. This is just an incredibly nice build!

Thanks for sharing it with us!

Hi guys!

I'm making a new cart for my father inlaw. Which made me think about a way to make the cart without a shop full of metalshaping tools and machines.

I still want to have the "performer-look" on the cart. I'm using 34mm and 21mm pipes in this build. The hardest part is bending the pipes - there is no easy way to do this without the proper tools.

Besides tools/help with bending the pipes. All you need to make the cart, is a hacksaw, file and a drill.

Instead of welding I'm using threaded rods and long hexnuts to connect the pieces

Sorry about the bad picture. Here I've put the threaded rod and nut inside the pipe.

Here is some pictures showing how I've connected the pieces together. I'm using hexagon socket set screws.

Here I am using a longer threaded rod. This will be the "shaft" for the wheels.

And here is a picture of the body mounted together.

As a base for the wsm I'm thinking about using a pice of plywood.

I hope this helps if you wanna make a go at it yourself.

Good luck and happy tinkering!:)
Peter, it is very generous of you to take the time to think of a way to assemble a cart for our WSMs without needing a pipe bender and then to publish it complete with pictures and instructions for the rest of us. You obviously have a talent for making things. Thanks for the tips and pictures of both versions of your table cart!
You sir are impressive. Wish I had this type of ability to design something in my mind and bring it to life.
Amazing! Truely functional and an outstanding addition to the beauty of the wsm itself.
Really well done.
Peter....You and your MOD have put me in a difficult position...that is to say, I want one of these badly, but I don't even have a smoker. WOW
bringing this thread back to the top...

Honestly, this is the finest cart I've seen... not too fancy but certainly fine workmanship and VERY functional.
Like to model this for a lift/cart for my 14"WSM....
You're right Jim, this cart looks great. I really like the fact that it's big enough for everything you would need to have but not too big. It's a great looking table/cart combo.
I'm just seeing this for the first time and I can't add anything that hasn't already been said. A lot of guys would have the skills and equipment to pull that off, but to be able to dream it up AND build it is a rare combination of skills indeed.
It is far, far nicer than anything Weber would ever build. Most people wouldn't be willing to pay for something that nice.
Love this set up and wish I could buy one just like it.

Previous cart threads have referenced using old performer carts and dropping in the WSM. I've been searching for an old performer to use as a smoker cart. I have an 18" WSM, but if the performers are 22" how is that going to work out?

FYI-I have zero [or less] mechanical aptitude], but I sure do want a cart for my smoker.