My version of a wsm-table

I'm sorry i haven't posted any plans yet. My kids have been sick and...well, you know how it is with small kids.

If everything goes as planed, I'll have them ready soon.
That's amazing. The details I notice - 3 hinges, not 2. The holes in the rings for the feet to prevent water from pooling, not one but 3 (again).
Table is secured with knobs to allow removal and cleaning. That's one of the best designed products I've seen, DIY or commercial.
I know I'm late to the party here, but this mod is magnificent. It's the kind of mod that's so good that I actually get bummed out because I'll never have that level of skill. Just an incredible job, Peter.
Better late than never--- That is very practical and a work of art. Thanks for posting those pictures, I could only hope----
Finally got around to doing the description I promised. Problem was, that while doing it, I didn’t document anything. Now I have redone some of the parts so I could take pictures.
The measurements on the pictures are all milimeters - sorry guys :)

The pipes
First I bend four pipes (1200 mm long, 34 mm in diameter) using a hydraulic pipe bender, cut them to the right length and welded them together.


To make sure that the angle and width was right, I made a frame with the correct measurements and fitted the pipes to that.

This is the measurements I used.

The base

I used 3 mm metal sheet (526 mm x 582 mm) to form the base of the cart.

First I used a break press to make the edges (20 mm). Afterwards the measurements should be 486 x 542. Then I cut out the corners to fit the 34 mm pipe.


Then I cut out the hole for the drip tray.

To make the cup which holds the legs in place I used a pipe with 52,5 mm inner diameter and 20 mm high. To make sure rain water does'nt gather in the cup, I cut out 3 holes in each cup.

The last two bits is the pipe which I used to stabilize the cart at the top, and the bracket which holds the table in place when its folded up.

The stabilizer is just a piece of 34 mm pipe, 505 mm long.

The bracket is a 8 mm hydraulic pipe bended as shown in the picture shown below.

Assembling the cart

With all the parts done, I assembled the cart. All measurements apart from the placing of the cups are shown in the picture below. To place the cups I would recommend just placing the WSM on the cart to see where to place them.
Everything is welded together, except for the bracket which I drilled two 8,5 mm holes for in the frame.


Then just remain panting it :)

How to make the table is described in the next post - can only have 10 pics in 1 post.
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As promised how to make the table.

The table
The table is made of a kitchen top bought at Ikea.

To get the right radius I used the lid from the WSM.

After shaping it, I did the routing.

After that I cut the table in two and put it back together with 3 hinges.
Then I made the lid holder (see the picture for details) and attached the stop for the bracket. I have no measurements for the stop, but you should be able to measure that yourself if you gotten this far :)


That was all, hope you guys can use it.

/Peter Lindfors
I bow down and praise the genius that is you ;) really, really nice looking mod.
Get a patent on that quite Peter!
Impressive. I am nowhere near skilled enough to pull this off. I would definitely pay for this if it was for sale.