My smoke day Pics


Dave S

TVWBB Super Fan
this was my second smoke on the new wsm and thought it went well, it was great to take part in sd (my first)
I smoked 3 racks of bb'sn abt's and beans
the ribs were marinated for 3 hours, I used Myron Mixon's rib marniade receipe
Rubbed with my own rub
spritzed every 20 minutes, Myron's spritz
Glazed at the end with Myron's hog glaze receipe
Here is how it went
ribs rubbed and ready

on the smoker

This guy showed up for lunch, plucked a gecko from the bush and moved on next door

ABT's done

ribs done and resting

nice and moist

sloppy looking plate but very very good

Thanks for letting me share and happy smoking my friends
Looks GREAT!
Thanks for all the great replies guys, I have been working on this rib receipe for almost two years now, but I have been smoking on my Kettle. I always thought the taste was there but was never satisfied with either the texture, color, pull back, etc. I have to say I owe this cook to the WSM, along with my new ET 732, you have so much control over your cook and I will say that is what took my two years of playing with ribs to the next level. I hope to be bringing more great cooks in the future as my new toy will not sit idle.

Thanks again