My Smoke day begins!!


Jeremy Calow

TVWBB Super Fan
Well Happy smoke day everyone! No cue-ing last night, but started bright an early this morning.. Just threw on two small butts on the WSM to start it off.. Lots of stuff left to do but will remember this time to take pictures the whole way through
I should say as well, the WSM will be running on Pecan and Maple today, while the performer will be running on some JD oak and hickory chips for the other stuff!!
Thanks guys, here is a little update!!

Butts are doin just fine, and the slaw is marinating in the fridge!!

I also just put the ribs on!! Its a bit cramped but it'll do for a bit till the butts are done.. Sorry for the blurry shot here, the sun disappeared, but don't fear, better shots will come when they are done!
Aaron, the butts I am using a La Grille rub called Smoky BBQ Mesquite.. The ribs have a brown sugar and Sweet chilli rub blend. I just didn't feel like making my own today
Update #2

Gotta make my cardiac roll... This time.. an epic Mac n Cheese!!! w/ parm and rommano cheese between the weave and the fatty.. The sausage is a homemade Italian Fennel and Whiskey sausage!!..

And then wrapped!!


Smoking away on the performer with some ABT's.. just Montery jack cheese and jalapeno bits and some roasted habanero hotsauce that I made last fall..


..The ribs are off and resting for the group!


... Sorry for the long update.. But finally here are the beers I have selected to pair with dinner, Yummo!

That's all till I have the plated pics of stuff.. oh, and desert!! hehe..

Hope everyone is having a great Smoke Day!!
Final update now that the smoke has settled (pun intended

Here is the plated appies (cardiac roll and ABT's)

Here are the ribs in their plated glory.

Here's your plate!!!

And here's desert (grilled pineapple w/ french vanilla ice cream and a Rum Brown sugar sauce


Thanks for letting me join in on my first Smoke Day, hope it was as good for you guys as it was for me
You Cook Mountains Of Great Food!
Please send me your address! I'll bring my own utensils
I found this in preparation of my first fattie tomorrow morning...but I'm equally jealous of the beer selections.. good on you, mate.