My kid is buying a house


Andy Kaminski

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Oh man I am feeling old now.
My daughter is under contract for a house.
Her escrow should start in a day or so after she deals with a couple minor adjustments.

I am really proud of her hence the humble brag.

Her spot is on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington in a town named Sequim about 10 miles from us In like a Redneck Riviera type of Development.
There is a decent sized private lake with a clubhouse and she has a salmon creek in her backyard leading into a forest With no backyard neighbors.
All the lots are very large.
Her commute to work is 5-10 minutes in a car and maybe 30 minutes if she rides a bicycle.
It is much better than when she worked in San Francisco and commuted to the 680 corridor.

Our family is not rich by any means.
I am a retired steam and my daughter is a book keeper and my son is in the pipe trades too.
Her house set her back 435K and she bought it all by herself.

I can’t wait to start fishing her creek.
I might even figure out smoking salmon ;).

John K BBQ

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Buying a house is a celebration worthy milestone - congrats to you and your family! My oldest will be going off to college in the fall, and my daughter will start driving herself to school this spring.


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Congrats Andy and to your daughter. Sounds like she's getting a real nice place, I'm all to familiar with that Bay Area 680 commute and even worse, all to familiar with the 580 commute :(

With your daughter working and you fishing her creek, well lets face it your not getting any younger and she would probably feel better if someone were with you while fishing the creek. I'm really busy and I don't have a lot of spare time, but I'm going to make an exception in honor of your daughter's new place I'll sacrifice my precious time and accompany you fishing.

Rich G

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That's awesome, Andy! .....and most anything is better than 680 anywhere near rush hour! Not to mention, if she was commuting to the City, that means a bridge during commute hours. Ugh! Congrats to your kiddo!



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I know how you feel. I feel even older as my grandson recently bought his first house (and moved out of his mom's basement). As a housewarming gift, I bought him a Weber Spirit II to get him started right. I applaud her ambition.