More Go Giants Sausages



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Get used to this folks, LOL

Got a 1PM game today in COL to finish out a weekend series, but more importantly going to LA tomorrow for a 3 game series with our good buddies, the Dodgers. Gotta pull out all the tricks when playing the boys in Blue, they are tough. Giants / Dodger games are always exciting to watch

The blue smoke rises at 6AM in the republic of kalifornia - first calm day in over a week


There's my good luck charms



2 hours later cooking at 250+ ready to eat




Robert McGee

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Great smoke ring and very juicy inside, too! The sausages look GREAT!

Speaking of the Dodgers - their longest running manager, Smoky Alston, was from this area. He was a great skeet shooter and a friend of my father. I shot skeet with Smoky many times. One of the bigger gun clubs in the area used to hold a Skeet Tournament dedicated to Smoky. A real gentleman, in all respects. When the Dodgers won the World Series, Smoky gifted me a baseball with all of the players' signatures on it. Walter "Smoky" Alston managed the Brooklyn Dodgers, made the transition to L.A. and finished up his career, there, for a total of 23 years. He never signed a contract. His word was good enough. Every year, he would ask if his boss, Walter O'Malley if he wanted him back. He got a yes and they shook hands. He managed several All Star games. All 'round great human being. Lived in the small town of Darrtown, Ohio all of those years.

Anyway, back on topic. I really like sausages and often serve them. Those of yours look to be worthy of ANY table.

Keep on smokin',


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Chuck, those sausages look delicious! Great smoke ring and juicy too. You say 02:00 at 250F? with wich wood?
Hi Enrico. Two hours at maybe a tad over 250. I used Pecan for these, normally I use Cherry, but I have to say Pecan was really good

Rich Dahl

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Great looking sausages Chuck, used to live halfway between LA and San Diego never followed San Diego or Anaheim always the boys in blue. Now I get to follow the Dbacks ....all the way to the cellar. Good luck with the game.


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Dale (Robert): Awesome story, Sir! Thanks for sharing that! Just incredible to get such a special baseball, but you got it from Smoky himself! (Never knew that nickname.) Amazing how contracts and agreements were so much simpler at one time. I genuinely enjoyed reading your post, Sir, and I'm so very grateful you shared it with us.


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Great looking links, Chuck! Love 'em when they're cooked slow like that. Very nice! Hey Chuck, somebody defaced your smoker - but a can of high heat black will fix that right up. :) Seriously, good luck with the Dodger series. Puig went on the DL, so the old adage might apply: It's not WHO you play but WHEN you play 'em. Should be fun! If you're doing more sausage cooks this week, well, I guess that's bad news? :) Thanks for a great post, Chuck! -Mickey

Bob H.

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Thats a cool litttle mini Chuck. Is that top grate special, or just two grates crosswise?
Your sausages look great!