Maverick et-73 mod

I used my ET-73 for the first time Saturday. Here are my observations:
1) The range was not good enough to be called remote.
2) A remote thermometer that doesn't have an alert to notify you when you go out of range is of no use to me. If I wanted to sit in one place and stare at the thermo all day, I might as well sit out by the smoker. The ET-73 does nothing but display a constant temp once you go out of rangs...the last temp that it registered.
3) If the idea of a remote thermo is to allow you freedom of movement during long smokes, why does the receiver not have a clip of some sort to clip it onto your belt or something.
4)While I'm sure that there a learning curve, operation is complicated enough that I had to refer to the instructions several times. The unit is definitely very user friendly
5)The probes need at least another foot of wire. Especially the pit probe.

On the overall, I think I will see about returning it. I haven't checked to see if it has an antenna yet, but i don't think I want to try soldering circuit boards anyway. I also don't think I want a remote that doesn't let you know if you're out of range. It really gives you a false sense of security that could result in pretty bogus Q.

While the concept of a thermo the will moniter a temperature range in your pit is a very attractive thing, this unit needs definite design revisions, and until this occurs, it is definitely not a smart buy.

My unit sets on the front porch and I'm no more than 25' away from the transmitter and the unit has worked fine within that range.
Here is the latest antenna modification to the Maverick ET-73. I added it to a BBQ Pit and it allows me to see the temp of my PIT anywhere I am! MAverick Modification
Troy, you might want to check out the mod I posted last year on page 2. It still didn't work but it scared the heck out of the neighbors

Phil, I reviewed your picture and belive the reason it did not work. Was because you did not have enough power from your electrical utility company. Wow if that would have worked you could smoke and microwave your food at the same time!
FWIW I had terrible reception. Did the mod last night and I now have reception thru about 5 walls up to 100 feet.
Anybody have any feedback on the ET-72? I just bought one but will take it back if it has the same problems...Thanks!
I have no experience w/ the ET-72. I would assume that the ET-73 was it's successor, and thereby more advanced. But then you know what happens when we *** u me.

Just a quick update to this thread... I just purchased an ET73 thru Amazon about two weeks ago. Noticed I got poor reception even in Line of Sight. Cracked it open and no antenna! After reading all 11 pages I will try the wire mod, but I do not have a soldering iron. I might just try the old wire/rubber band trick to see if that works.

Does anyone know if Darren still works at Mverick?
Jeremy, I did not have a soldering iron either, so I drilled the hole in the case as described, stripped off some insulation from a piece of wire, stuck it in the described spot, closed up the case and it works fine so far. It solved the reception problem.
My first time using the ET-73 this weekend. Was doing a high-heat brisket. Unfortunately, about 30 minutes after I put on the smoker probe, the system registered "HHH" which according to their users manual, means that the probe has shorted out. I was probably going to contact Maverick to ask them about it. Any other thoughts on what to do next?


I must be lucky.
. Maybe I got a good one, but mine works great. It has been very reliable and I have had no reception issues. Then again I don't walk around the yard with it clipped to my belt, so I don't need an alarm to tell me if I'm out of range. I set it up in an area of the house with known good reception where the alarm will be loud enough to wake me up and I leave it there. It sure does make an overnighter a lot mosquito bites or standing in the rain or waking up every hour to check temp's.
I would just send it back, get your money back, and buy an Oregon Scientific aw-131 for $10 less @ Lowe's. Even if you increase the range, the Mav is just badly designed and cheaply made IMHO. The AW-131 is exactly the opposite, and it talks, and in several languages. How cool is that?

I spoke to maverick and they are sending me a new food probe as the smoker probes are now on back order. When they are back in stock, they will send me the smoker probe also.

Okie, the appeal for the Maverick is having the dual probe for the smoker temp. Unless I'm mistaken, the AW-131 is only a single probe.

On another note, I have the single wireless probe thermo sold by Weber. Interesting that it only shows meat temp up to 195 degrees. I think it is made by Oregon Scientific as they have a similar one on their site. It says the temp range goes to 392 so not sure if there is a setting that I haven't set right.


I understand the draw for the 2 probe system. I just don't think the Mav is built to good design specs. The chintzy little switches that break easily, the fact that you have to take the back off to access them, the fact that it won't alert you in any way if you go out of range (which it will do even with an antenna), are all things that caused me to send mine back. I probably would've kept it if it got more than 30" range, but I'm sure I wouldn't have used it much.

I think it's a great idea, I just don't think the folks @ Mav did a good job of it, and I don't really understand why nobody else has built a weel made, well designed one.

The AW-131, if I'm not mistaken , goes from 32*to just under 600*. I have tested the range @ 300 paces, and had no signal loss.

I've seen the Weber one, and it does appear to be made by the folks @ OS. This unit seems to be a good deal more heavy duty.

I realy do wish someone would make a good affordable one that will monitor a temp range. It would sure be nice to be alerted when your pit temp gets too low. I don't really care about the dual probe thing, I just use two thermometers. Be sure to let us know what kind of range you get if you do the antenna mod.


I agree. The biggest issue I have is getting an accurate reading of the grate temp. I had read all of the issues with the Mav and when I got it, I agreed with them.
As you stated, I too am amazed that others have not come out with one that is better made. Opportunity for someone out there. And yes, I do like the design of the Weber, just a little unsure what to do since I can't get it to read over 195 degrees unless I run it on celsius and convert back.

I digress to my original post.

I too was very disappointed when I realized that the Mav just wasn't the answer.

I can tell you though that a medium sized potato makes a great probe holder. Just poke the probe all the way through whre the thermister (right @ the point) is a good ways Out of the tater and lay it on the grate. Smoked taters are pretty good too, so you can eat your probe older. The Mave grate clamp wouldn't work for me anyway, my grates are expanded metal, and it wouldn't fit.

Smoke on Bro,
Has anyone used the OS AW131 to measure grate temps? I would assume it could be used with a potato as the probe holder. Buying two units, one for meat temp and the other for grate temps would be no problem if the units are high quality and reliable.