Making new, shorter legs for Kettle grill



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I live in Normandy, France, in a country and a region (europe) where Weber refuse to sell the Jumbo Joe. The Smokey Joe I feel is too small for our family of 5.
My propsed solution, on which I would welcome your learned opinions, is to make a short set of legs for one of the Classic Kettle grills.

Can you guys, or gals, confirm that the outside diameter of the legs is 1”?
Would there be enough room to drill a hole in the leg holder to add a small bolt and wing nut to hold the legs? The available set of spare legs, which would need to be cut down, are way too expensive.
Would the ash tray (not the enclosed one) be easily removed and swaped between my short legs and the original?

This would give the missus what she wants, I low down open grill to sit around and give me the option of using the covered grill at stand up height when necessary.

Your thoughts and suggestions welcomed.



I should add that retail outlets have zero stock of grills at this time of year. They have all been cleared out to make way for Christmas tat etc. I can order online though.


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Hi Dan,
Thank you. At this time of year over here I cannot even find one in a store to measure myself. Weber France and Amazon have the Original 22” 741001 available, known here as the E4710. I would make new legs of a length where the ash pan is just off the ground, or perhaps even shorter if I can raise the ash pan up a bit.
From the photos I can see that the existing legs have a spring clip with a bobble that fits in a hole in the supports. I’m hoping I can continue that hole to the other side of the support and fit a bolt and wing nut.
I am pretty sure I can get some stainless steel tube to fit. But it would be nice to know before I bought the grill.

Thanks again

Kevin L (NKY)

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There was a guy from mid CA that wanted a better beach grill. He took a older 18 inch kettle and cut the legs down to like 8 or 10 inches tall the legs could be removed for travel. It looked a prefect height for sitting on beach,on a picnic table cooks.


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I don’t know what’s available in Europe, but a simple 1” diameter straight (not tension) shower curtain rod is a perfect fit. Typically available at hardware stores around here for a few $’s.


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I believe Andy is asking for confirmation on the diameter. I'm not near one to measure

Richard in NS

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Andy, is this what you are looking for?



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Guys that is brilliant thanks. I had tried some searching but had not come across that thread. 1" or 25mm over here is easy enough to get hold of. I have also just found out that I can get those spring clips with a bobble that slip inside the leg and hold it in place, available from Amazon and camping supplies stores. Much easier than a nut and bolt.
That gives me enough confidence to go get an Original 22” 741001.
I'll post up images when I am done.


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Armed with my trusty vernier gauge I toddled off to a local homeware store to check out suitable tube diameters.
Like you folks I am more used to imperial measurements, feet and inches, yard and miles etc. But here in France everything is metric. 1” of course is 25.4mm.
I don’t have any shower rods or curtain poles anywhere in the house to measure so that was my first port of call.
Found them, shiny chrome, glossy black and white. BUT they are all 28mm :mad:
So I went around every department measuring every tube I could find and stumbled upon wardrobe poles, shiny chrome, gloss black and white and they are a shade over 25mm, Perfect.:) Sorted.
I then thought I would have a look in their garden area and standing there was a gleaming 22” Grill. None were showing on the website BTW. The first time I have got my grubby mitts on one and apart from the height seems perfect. I borrowed a tape measure and reckon I can make legs as short as 20cms, sorry that’s just under 8”, and still be able to remove the ash tray.
I just need to source the sping clips now.
These I can get from The Bezos emporium.

I did not think to measure the size of the bobble, 8mm in the image, I might have to go back to the store just to make sure.



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It has been brought to my attention that by shortening the legs I may be making the grill less stable, even prone to tipping. I will only know when I have fitted the new legs. I can make some large feet if necessary.

Richard in NS

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Some people add double wheels back on.



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Interesting Richard, this was something that I had considered, but rejected.
I wanted to be able to return the grill to full height when required and buying a complete new leg set just to chop them down I felt was too expensive.
If I get the bug to expand (do any of you folk have just one grill:)) then I may well add wheels.


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My bright shiny new Webber Grill* found it’s way home today. I measured the bobble in the spring clips at 6mm which are not so easy to source as I had hoped (unless I want a pack of 50!) I think I have found some in the Netherlands. Fingers crossed to start the modifications next week.

* I have to be careful with the words I use here. What you folks call a Grill I call a Barbeque (BBQ) which the French spell Barbecue but still abbreviate to BBQ. Oh the wonders of english.


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Dont worry Richard the as yet unboxed grill is hidden out off site of the missus at the moment as the short legged fire pit modification is her Christmas present.
Just waiting for the spring clips to arrive and probably a round tuit before I get started. I wont forget the pictures.


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Will you be wrapping up the loose parts for the mods separately? That would be fun to have her open that first and she'd wonder WTH is this?


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Ok folks here goes. Apologies in advance, all measurements in metric.

Getting all the parts together. That’s one grill, one 25mm pole, 3 rubber feet and 3 spring clips

First up assemble unmodified

Next cut the pole, 3 lengths, 20cm each

Add 3 rubber feet having smoothed off the rough cut edges.

Drill a 25mm deep hole 4cm deep in a piece of scrap wood

Inset the top end of each leg into the hole. Carefully measure and drill a 7mm hole perpendicular to the first. The hole to hold the spring clip was 3cm from the top of the leg.

Insert the spring clips. I could have got away with larger buttons on the clips but they hold fast so will make do.

Remove the supplied leg assembly, insert shortened legs and voila as the say in these parts. Ash pan will sit directly on the ground.

Very pleased so far.
Although I would like to know if I have installed the charcoal bars in the right place as the supplied tray does not sit on the grate but directly on top of bars. Is this usual?
Here are the bars where I think they should be.

And with the the tray sitting on top of the bars rather than in between them

I hope this may be of use to those of you who are unable to buy a jumbo joe and would like a low down cooking option.
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Looks awesome. Great pictures. Sorry, I don't know about the drip pan.

However, I like how you stock your workbench :D