Make your own ancho chili powder

Len Dennis

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Whole ancho's are difficult if not impossible to find in Ontario (and if you can, shipping is outrageous (I found one place: the product was $5 and they wanted $22 for shipping.

Anyways, I decided to make my own. But what are ancho chili's??

Simply dried poblano peppers. And those I can find, specifically at Fortino's Supermarket.

Got the method. Easy peasy to do and I'm going to try this afternoon.

Slit the pepper in half so that's it's butterflied, but you can leave it whole - it just takes longer. Put them on a baking sheet in the oven at 125 and let them go until they dry out completely. Leave the oven door ajar to let the moisture escape.

Not sure how long this will take but I expect about a day from comments I found.

edit--went with BRITU so this experiment will have to wait.

Morgan C.

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Len why not throw them on the smoker while u are at it? Or a little of both to see what u like better! I have done this with jalapeños with great results!

Len Dennis

TVWBB Diamond Member
It's a matter of having the ancho powder ready for the rub that goes on the meat that goes in the smoker
is why I wanted to have them done before hand.

Good idea though and I'll have to have some ready for the next smoke.

Bill Elwell

I grow hot peppers every summer. Last pickings of the season usually get smoked and dehydrated.

I grind them (as I need them) and sprinkle it on chili. Great!