Look what roadside Santa brought me!!

So my neighbors were out for a walk and spotted this and I darted over and picked it up… rusty inside but overall pretty clean. Will need new grates. I’ve had as many as 4, 18in WSM’s over time never saw a water pan like this? It’s a 2010 and I’m sure mine were mostly older. I see this larger water pan in the schematics on weber.com .. when/why did they go to the deeper water pan. ( I haven't used water in a pan for years just some crumpled tinfoil and cover with more tinfoil to catch the drippings)
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Roadside Santa? That must be Regular Santa's cooler cousin! LOL
Your neighbors sound pretty great too.

Congrats - nice score.🤩
I have a 2009 and Weber must of really changed the design... Mine does not that large water bowl - door handle- plastic lid handle or temp gauge?