Linking collagen casings


k walsh

I have always used natural hog casings. I was gifted some fresh collagen casings that I want to make some fresh sausage with.

How are folks linking these casings or is it better just to cut them and not try to link them.


Rich G

TVWBB Honor Circle
K, collagen casings don't really hold a twist at all, so if you want to link them, you likely need to tie off both end of each link. I have only used them a couple of times and to reduce the amount of tying, I made bigger rings (about 3-4 normal links worth of length.)

I much prefer the natural hog and sheep casings!



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Same here! I use these LEM, they cost less then $9 & they will yield at least 25lbs. of sausage.


Bob Bailey

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I use natural casings, except for summer sausage, salami and other larger diameters that will be sliced. No problem to tie both ends for larger sticks.