Lack of rehab pickups


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What happens is the rust starts in the bottom and just creeps up the sides and in the places where they contact each other....those "seams" where the connect hold all that dirt, dust and gunk and therefore moisture and it is just a breeding ground for corrosion which migrates like cancer. Having to grind down, sand and prime and paint all that is just not worth it in my mind, even if the rust is just surface rust.

Kyle in Woodstock

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I wonder if there would be a market for a cart like this? Use a leftover frame and other parts, make an outdoor cart, slap a Weber badge on there... Seems pretty simple. Just an idea if you have nothing else to rehab.

Kyle in Woodstock

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They just put Georgia on the stay at home orders. Picked this little guy up. Lady said it was only used once and I believe her. In excellent shape, just needs a little Windex.
The wood Marlboro handles look great too. Nice little snag for $15.

Imagine that might be my last pickup for a while... we’ll see how these at home orders go.


Kyle in Woodstock

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Love the color of this one.

Not sure he will get $400 for one in that condition

Jon Tofte

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Well one thing for sure. We may be in "Safer at Home" lock-down here in Florida, but someone is still out there buying. I "saved" at least three things on FB Marketplace this morning that were all sold by this afternoon! One was a Trager Ironwood (smaller size) for $250. The seller claimed that the temperature control didn't work and temps kept rising. He said Traeger sent him a replacement and never took back the original. If I wasn't moving it might have been tempting. Obviously, it had flip potential selling in just a few hours at his price.

I see a few more down to earth possibilities, but nothing really exceptional close to me. Good thing!

Dave in KC

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Fairly uneventful week here. First week in ages that I was unable to
buy2/sell2, struggling to buy1/sell1. The selling aspect was simply
catching up from a whirlwind March. I have a half dozen of the needy,
time consuming projects that should turn into sales in the next week
or so, but there is virtually nothing out there to buy right now. The market
is dry as a bone, with the exception of the grossly overpriced.
I was lucky enough to pick up a BNIB Chiefs Smokey Joe. I would keep it,
but I already have one (slightly used) and this one will give a better return.
I hope to move it locally, but it may very well find its way to eBay.