Knife sharpener


Vincent Carrocci

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I recently purchased a Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition knife sharpener and have since sharpened a Victorinox boning knife and a Victorinox granton edge slicer. It takes a very light touch and perhaps a bit higher RPM than you might think to create the initial burr on the blade but the end result been very good so far. I have a number of additional Victorinox knives and some home kitchen knives to sharpen so I'll post more opinions once I have more experience using the tool.


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Ah... ha.

Hapstone M2 knife sharpener (shamelessly lifted straight from the kickstarter link.)

Looks like it's just about to be released, spring 2018 (, I skipped the kickstarter link.) Ukraine based company. Their products are available in the US from Amazon and

Looks like an interesting bit of kit. I think I'll stick with my Worksharp belt sharpener.

Garth C

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Sorry for not explaining better. Was having problems with mobile website. It kept deleting my post when I wanted to edit.

Yes it's foreign, but in this case it's better than it's US counterpart in my opinion. I have an older version of this sharpener and can't believe the low price of entry of their new basic sharpening system.

I've been able to reprofile kitchen knives and folding pocket knives to any desired angle with a cheap Chefs-knives-to-go brand diamond stone.

The real knife nuts will polish the edges to mirror shine quality. I only go down to a 1200 grit stone and that's polished enough for me.