KKruger,Blues Hog Clone

Any chance you could develop on for us? While your at it the Blues Hog Rub too. There seems to be a predominate spice in both that I can't pinpoint! And Thanks in advance!
That would be great. Can't get it here. Tried duplicating it and can't even get close. My supermarket has the mustard sauce so I asked them to see if they'd pick up the regular Blues Hog. Haven't seen it yet and that's been awhile ago.

Straubs in St. Louis carries it if you get over that way. I find it just as economical to order some from Hawgeyes BBQ. I've made several orders and never had a problem.

The Orginal is too sweet for me, but mixing it 50/50 with the Tennessee Red makes a pretty good sauce.
Arrived yesterday. Thanks for sending it. I'm not sure yet when I can get to it but I will. Busy with clients the next few weeks but I might be able to work on it there.
Kevin - you seem to be getting a reputation for this.

Maybe the major Sauce Companies could be persuaded to give you some "hush money"...?

(Naturally, just kidding - you help us all become better cooks around here, thanks!)
I will be following this thread closely. Even if you don't hit the flavor, I'm interested in learning how to create that sheen with the ingredients listed
Kev, sorry it took so long to get it to you. There is one predominent spice in there that seems to stay with you I can't figure it out. Please keep in mind that my allergies are so bad I have difficulty tasting the subtle things in food/sauces. As usual I appreciate all you do for me/us here! You The Man!
This is a carefully considered and greatly sanitized comment about not only this particular topic but on many other recent threads related to cloning recipes. I am aware this will get me booted from this site but I have to speak out before I go.

I've known Bill Arnold, the owner of Blues Hog, through the competition circuit for about 10 years. In addition to some very serious health problems he's experienced in the past couple of years, he runs his small sauce business while also raising three young girls on his own.

I've watched Bill make a batch at a contest. I know what goes into it and how he does it. In spite of that, I've never given a moment's thought toward making it myself. To my way of thinking, Blues Hog is Bill's creation and fully entitled to all the rewards from his creation.

Blues Hog is not a faceless corporation. It's made by a family man in a small town in Missouri that's well off the beaten path.

I find thought that so many people in this thread are repeatedly badgering a former professional chef to not only knock off the recipe but post the results on an open forum to be simply disgusting.

If you can honestly rationalize the notion of saving a few cents by making your own copy and feeling proud of yourselves for depriving a small businessman of his livelihood then I don't care to have anything more to do with the lot of you.

BUMP! That was the sound of me slamming the ****ed door behind me.

Ken Nelson
That really won't be necessary, Bill.

Ken, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to kick you off the board for stating your obviously well considered opinion. I certainly wouldn't.

My opinion differs. 'Clone' is a misnomer. It's not like I or anyone else tastes a sauce (or anything else) and can accurately discern every ingredient and every associated quantity thus making an exact replica.

Attempting to reproduce something one has eaten and enjoyed has been the M.O. of professionals and non-professionals since the early days of cooking and recipe development and codification. I well remember the days where I might dine at a 'rival's' restaurant and find something on the menu that was 'mine'. I found it flattering. It still happens to me - though in other ways. (I am a former executive chef. Along with a couple other businesses I still make a portion of my living - most, actually - cooking professionally.)

I don't think it matters - not to me anyway - what someone's motive is in wishing to replicate something they enjoy. Perhaps it is to save a few pennies, perhaps not. It can be any of a number of reasons. And I don't think it matters whether it is a faceless corporation's product or the side one had at a fine dining restaurant or the sauce of a sole proprietorship. We are all products of our experiences. I do not know Bill Arnold but I am confident in saying that when he developed his sauce it was based on his experiences with other (and with other's) sauces - his impressions, taste and consistency memories and so forth. None of us work in a vacuum. It can be no other way.
I've read a lot about BH on the boards, never tried it cause it's not one I can get locally. When Kevin does post his version or free sample I'll try it, and if I like it I will place an order.

I understand where Ken is coming from, I get it.
I order Blues Hog from their website after a friend sent me bottles of each original and Red Tenn and I love the stuff!
(and i WISH they sold T-Shirts!!!)
Butt I also understand and agree with Kevin.

so why am i posting this...?
only to tell Ken his signature line is contradictory (butt hysterical)