KFC Wings yes, more cowbell, err, chicken


Bob Correll

R.I.P. 3/31/2022
Mr Lampe is a night person, and often posts great sunset shots, thought I'd show the other side of the spectrum with this morning's sunrise.
(I'm grateful for every one of these that I get to see.)

Last night's Kettle Fried Wings was a simple cook, no more words needed.







It's Hump Day boys and girls, get over it!
Looks delicious, nicely plated too, you know bud, due to my previous career of 30 years I spent 20+ in which I saw every sunrise and sunset. Everyone was special.
That's the BEST lookin' fried chicken i've EVER seen!

And i ain't a night person... just eet at night too often.
wait until that sun shines til 830pm... ;)
great idea that will definitely try ... have seen others pics of the breaded meats on the pit lately. dang. and nice sunburst out there...

don't lift the lid...
Yeah I'm with Jim - that's the best looking KFC ever! Love the plate too. I'm kind of a morning person myself so I can certainly appreciate that sunrise.

Excellent cook and post, Bob!
Some really good looking chicken!!!! I like that same brand of breading mix only I like the spicy blend.
Thanks for the kind words everyone!

Last night Jo Anne said this is kind of spicy hot, and that's with the mild blend. :(
Beautiful sunrise pics you took Bob.
Great looking KFC chicken you did too.Will have to try that next time we do chicken.