Keeping Thanksgiving feast warm ?

Lynn Dollar

TVWBB All-Star
My wife's family has a large gathering every Thanksgiving, usually 25 to 30 people. Most everyone brings a dish and by the time we get around to eating, the food is warm to cold. The oven is in use baking rolls. The top of the range is out of the question. Any other's have this problem and how do you deal with it ?

When my family got together, my Mother had a warming plate for some of the food and the rest was kept on the stove and the line to fill plates would go through the kitchen.

MikeS in Alaska

We make extensive use of crockpot and the back porch (if cold enough) to keep the hots hot and the colds cold. I tend to keep an eye on food safety.

Chris Allingham

Staff member
Yesterday, mom & dad's kitchen was too crowded! I heated a disposable foil pan of sliced turkey on a Genesis 2 gas grill. Placed foil covered pan with a splash of chicken broth toward the back of the grill. Ran all burners between LOW and MED to get the grill warmed up to ~300°F, turned off two back burners and left front burner on LOW, occasionally checked food temp with Thermapen. Worked great! Would do again!