Just learned somthing while applying rubs


Jose Suro

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Hi All,

The other day I was all set up to prep some chicken wings. I normally use disposable gloves to handle the prep and rubbing. In the past I got everything ready and then took one glove off to handle the spices and rubs and just used one hand on the food, kind of cumbersome...

Then I had a thought: put a glove on the spice shakers. Well not really, before I start the prep now I take the lids off the shakers and stand them up inside cheap sandwich bags. That way, when I grab for the spices and rubs I can still keep my gloves on and not get any gunk and germs on the containers :). When I'm done the gloves and the sandwich bags go in the trash.

No cleanup and I can use both hands to rub stuff on :).




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Great idea Jose, I'm always fiddling with the "this hand's clean" thing too :) seems like you've found a good solution.