Hey folks. I haven't used a thermometer, other than my thermopop in a while but I am about to get a Ranch Kettle and was thinking I'd get a new multi-probe thermometer as well. I know of the Thermoworks Smoke but have been seeing a lot of talk about the various Inkbird units lately. Has anyone used these? They seem super easy and the app looks slick but I have no idea about durability vs something like the smoke.

Any input appreciated.

J Hasselberger

The Inkbird looks like a less expensive version of the iGrill. The 4-probe feature is quite useful when doing multiple hunks of meat or when tracking temps in different parts of the pit. The most valuable iGrill feature for me is that it plots a line graph of the temp of each probe in the app on your iPhone or iPad. So you can see exactly what was going on in the pit while you slept. I've had the iGrill for about 3 years with no problems.



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I have this 2-probe version of the Inkbird. For the $21 (with the coupon applied) I paid for it, it's awesome. It also has a graph of the temps over time like the iGrill. Always connects to my phone immediately. If I take my phone out of range, it buzzes or beeps to let me know, and reconnects quickly on its own when I go back within range. So I'd highly recommend the Inkbirds. I guess I'm not the only Inkbird fan

The only thing I'd like to see improved on the unit I have is the wireless range, although that's a limitation of using the Bluetooth interface; not a design flaw. Apparently Bluetooth is much cheaper and easier to implement successfully than WiFi.

If I had a bigger budget for a wireless thermometer, I'd probably go with the Wi-Fi based, cloud connected Fireboard system, which will let you monitor your barbeque temps from anywhere your smartphone has a cell or Wifi signal.

I'd avoid the Thermoworks Signals, as it looks like they have unresolved issues with their WiFi implementation. The Smoke on the other hand seems to be good from what I've read.
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Great replies, thank you. I had forgotten about the iGrill. I'd consider that too I guess.

Wifi sounds better just because I'm not sure how bluetooth is going to work with my house - concrete construction with impact windows. Probably not bad from the kitchen to the grill though. It's pretty close.

Kelley Brown

My Inkbird works well. Going on a year now. I just connect it (bluetooth) to the iPad and leave that on the counter. If I run it on my phone, I'm often going out of range and it alarms. They have a new one with RF longer range but I haven't tried it.


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I have the 6 probe and it works great, Bluetooth 150' range, they just came out with 1 that's a lot longer distance but don't remember how far. got it for 1/2 price with a coupon they gave out, 25 plus tax maybe

Dustin Dorsey

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I'd say go wifi if you can. Bluetooth always disconnects. I haven't had great luck with my Igrill. The range is abysmal and the app will seem to be connected when it's not. It's a recipe to ruin a reverse sear cook. I can't attest to the Inkbird but I imagine if it uses bluetooth, the reliability isn't there.


Love my Inkbird. The oven probe failed after about 4 cooks and they sent me another one pronto. No other problems.

I’ve literally charged it ONE time...and I’ve cooked with it at least 10 times. Briskets, pork butts...many, many hours and still several bars on the charge. The rechargeable batteries are awesome. Never a disconnect.