indoor tv antenna

There is also the Roku Ultra LT. It doesn't have some of the enhancements of the Ultra but it does have the voice remote with the 2x AA batteries. We bought one as a pre- Black Friday deal for $34, but they are available now for $49 at WM. I like the Roku interface and my wife really loves the aquarium screensaver. We had a saltwater setup years ago and the Navarchus Angelfish and the juvenile Imperator Angelfish were her favorites.


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We've got 2 full Roku Ultras here that get used pretty much daily. I keep a Streaming Stick around for travelling.
Sorry Ed you beat me to it. Larry why you would want a remote that requires batteries mystifies me. :unsure:
I like to be able to open it up, slap a couple batteries in and be done. I ahve found that by the time I realize (due to signal on screen) the remote needs charging it's not even working. Then I have to find a USB port or brick, a mini (not more common USB C) cord and then wait while it takes it's sweet time charging. Gimme a coupe AAA or AA any day of the week. Faster and more convenient for me