I'm bummed about Chopped: Grill Masters results


Chris Allingham

Staff member
I was disappointed to see Donna go out in the appetizer round, but even more surprised to see Harry go out in the dessert round. I thought he had a strong performance with better creativity and plating. But he had issues with too many ingredients/flavors and that always comes back to bite you in these cooking shows.

As I watched the very end of the show where Harry and Leslie made their final comments about how they were feeling, I could tell the result based on each person's expression. Harry said his three dishes were worthy of $50,000 but his face said otherwise, whereas Leslie's expression told me that she had won.

Anyway, good job guys for having the guts to follow your dream and giving it your best shot. It's an experience very few of us will have, proud of you both! :)
I love chopped and loved seeing Donna and Harry on it. I thought they were robbed but then I'm biased and didn't taste the food!
Thank you Dustin and Chris for the support. It was exhausting really and I was the only one of the four who had never been taped on a TV show like this. So I was the newbie. I'm proud of how we cooked and think we did fine considering how hard it really is to cook in that time frame. Admittedly, it took me a while to even look at a shrimp or asparagus again.