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Well, I give the guy credit for not just putting that thing on the curb. But it was wrong in so many ways.

Nevertheless, he is right, for $100, he has a grill that will outlast all those $200 tin cans.

Dave in KC

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$$$$Genuine Weber Part$$$$

Go straight to the 6 minute and 30 second mark so you can enjoy watching him light the upside down burners. LOLOL
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The 1st time I lays down a set of cooking times or a spatula or something on top of that lid a little too hard hes going to have scratches all over it

Stefan H

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There are lots of videos out there like this. I saw one a while a ago where the guy thought it was a good idea that the set of 5 flavorizer bars came with 2 spares...


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Wow, I really don't have any problem with his idea for the flavorizer bars. I considered doing that at one point is well. But I really think the kid needs to move out of the parents basement.

Jon Tofte

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Hey, but life's good!!!!:coolkettle:

Actually, I agree he didn't do all that bad with the """flavorizer""" bars, but his grill lighting technique was,!