How Long Can I Cure Pork Belly For Bacon?

Phil Perrin

TVWBB Honor Circle
I put a pork belly in a SR cure last weekend. I was going to smoke it today, but got busy. Is it going to hurt to cure it more, or do I need to stay up late tonight to smoke it?

Bob Correll

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Not sure what a SR cure is Phil, but see no reason you couldn't rinse and dry it and smoke it later this week.
Or just leave it in the cure, it won't get over cured, might want to do some extra rinsing though.

Micah Richey

New member
I put a 6lb pork belly in SR cure last Wednesday night 3/1 and I plan on smoking it on Sunday 3/12. I will soak it at least twice prior to drying it out. I can't wait to taste it and tell you all how it turned out.