How about some good music links?


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Lotsa music here, especially if you have Amazon Music Unlimited, this site offers a direct link to the album on Amazon.

Blues Rock Review Top 20 Albums for 2019

They do this every year and in past years I've discovered some great artists from this year end list.

Which are your favorites? I'm sure I'm in the minority, and I'm sure it's out of habit, but I still prefer to buy & rip CDs. Even when available on amazon prime / free, I still buy the disc.

Here's another from RL Burnside I heard a couple days ago - there's a small biography in the description

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Lynn Dollar

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I'm still listening to all of them, but right off, I really like Michael Lee. I've never heard of him before , but I enjoy his music.

Course, Samantha Fish is up near the top for me.

Lynn Dollar

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Well, ya know I've lost it ............ I've got Steven Raichlen's Project Fire on the TV with the volume muted, while I'm listening to Peter Green play the guitar with Fleetwood Mac

J Grotz

I always got the blues

One of the best shows I've ever attended was Willie Dixon at a bar in Ann Arbor. Here he is in Montreal in 1982.


Lynn Dollar

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One of the best albums I own, is " I Am the Blues " , Willie Dixon.

He wrote many of the great blues songs, those songs that were later covered by Led Zep, Cream, etc .