HM version 4 Rpi 3d print case

I just got my case with a cat5 port from Tom and it is great!

My cat5 connector from HD has a small shoulder on it so I had to remove a very small amount of the case edge to get it to fit, but it took < 1min with the dremel. Very nice example of what can be printed at home. I showed it to my wife so she could see what I'll be able to make when I get my printer.

Thanks Tom,
Strange, those are the exact ones I use and designed it for. In fact, I inserted one into your case before I sent it because I wanted to take a pic of a silver case. There is a preferred orientation. Is it possible that it was upside down?
Here are a couple pictures I snapped.



I'm not sure why but they havent released stl files for the last couple of releases. If you have a windows computer you can grab the Autodesk 123d beta that is linked several times in this thread. You can then open the source, select a part and save as stl. There are 2 major versions the smaller lcd is the one listed in the wiki.

So would it be ok to post the stls?
The 123D files will open on AutoDesk 123D beta, which was a free beta app but I dont think it is available any more... However, Tom does have links for STL files there in the first post as well, so just be careful which you choose. The 123D file should have both the larger 4-line display version of the case as well as the smaller case with the standard display from the HM bom, I don't seem to see STL files for the larger case there, but as long as you have the display from the HM BOM then you should be good to go with the STL files that are posted (in the first post of this thread).

EDIT: It looks like the stl's posted might be without the recess around the switch, no biggie there really, that previous case version was really nice too....
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Thanks! Downloading the beta from post 457. The STL files posted don't appear to be the latest versions. Thanks All! There has been quite a bit of work on this. I'm looking forward to getting mine built.
I'm feeling really stupid, but I still cannot figure out how to produce STL's of the latest case. Tom, would you kindly post the STL's for the version 3.6 case?