HM version 4 Rpi 3d print case

Here is a quote from the first post in the thread:

"UPDATE 9/09/13 Version 3.6

Chamfer added to all edges to more closely resemble the initial concept of the case. Versions included for Rpi-A as well as addition of a cat5e or RJ11 jack for servo/fan combo's. Cat5e or RJ11 jack is TECH brand from home depot."
Ralph is correct. Here is an image of the case with the cutout for the rj45:

AH-HA! I knew it was there, but I didn't remember it being on top....

I've got mine on the same side as the probes, just kinda flipped around that corner. I like it there better than the top, though I have the larger case for the 4-line display
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I wanted to put it on the side where yours is but the jack runs into interference from the pi. This is really the only spot I could accomodate it.
Okay so the print at Tech Shop didnt go well. Tom, how much do one of your cases cost?

EDIT: Re-read the first post. PM sent!
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Anyone post a 4.1 case yet? I could design one, but if someone has already whipped one up, that would be great.
I decided to retrofit my v4.0 case with a cat5 jack this evening. Pretty pleased with the way it turned out, especially since I was able to get the jack to reside on the bottom side of the case. I had to strip down the cat5 jack on the inside of the case to make it extremely low profile as the atmega chip is directly above it with a couple of millimetres of breathing room.

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I am wondering if there is a version of the HMv4.0 case for the 4-Line MDL-20464B display that includes the opening for a CAT5 jack? I am going to pass on my HMv4.0 unit to my Uncle soon and I would like to print a fresh case for him rather than passing on my old dirty one. I manually modified my old case to fit the CAT5 jack, but would prefer to print the new case with the CAT5 opening rather than cutting up the new case with a hack saw....
If possible I'd also like to use those files as one of the guys in the group that is building the Heatermeter wants to use a 4 line display too.

Just to be on the safe side: can he use that case for a 4.1?
When you open the file in Inventor Fusion you will see several case designs there, each part should show a description telling you what it fits. (I say should because I recall someone saying they didn't see the descriptions on their Mac, and once upon a time I recall opening the file in 123D and not seeing the descriptions but then opened the Inventor Fusion file and did see them)

BTW, I'm really loving the latest HMv4.1 case design for the standard 2-line display Tom. It's super compact and attractive, everything fits together really nice! I had been used to the larger 4-line HMv4.0 case, this new case is super nice and small in comparison...

I don't much care for the location of the add in CAT5 jack on the HMv4.0 case, I much prefer it to be on the same side as the probes rather than next to the rPi lan port. Not only does this make it easier to plug the cable into the wrong port, but the wiring seems to work out better for me with the servo/blower cable coming out from the probe jack side...