History Of The Minion Method

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There is no question that the "Minion Method" works; especially for long burns.

What I'm curious about is the history behind it.

How/when did you come up with it?
What prompted you to come up with it?
I suspect there was some inital debate as to its merits, or not. Can you talk to those debates?
I was cooking in a competition and on the morning of the turn-ins I had my wife go to a shop and pick up my first WSM. I put it together filled the ring with charcoal and needed a way to light it off (I never did read the directions).
I decided to do what is today called the Method.
We took a 1st in chicken and 2nd in ribs that day.
I got home and was reading Ray's forum and the question was asked on how to control the temps on a WSM, I answered and the rest is history.
The only real debate was the fact that you were putting unburnt charcoal in the ring and it was lighting off as you go, knowning a little about Jedmasters I knew this was not really a problem and the results answered that question.

I'm glad you asked that question. I've been curious about it too! If I hadn't learned about Jim's famous Method, I would never have pulled the "For Sale" sign off my (now) beloved WSM!

Thanks, Jim, for helping so many people get the most out of their smokers! /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Thanks for the info, Jim.

As a suggestion to the Bulletin Board/Web site admin/moderator, this info should be part of the description of the Minion Method.
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