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Hello everyone, I've just found this forum a few days ago but have just finished up some work on a Weber Genesis that my neighbor gave me 6 or 7 years ago in trade for welding up some gates for his deck. The wood wasn't in very good shape when I got in and I replaced a few pieces with grey plastic parts from Amazon. Not sure of the year it was made or the particular model #? The serial number sticker is just all white now. Can't read anything on it.

The tubing around the firebox rusted away on me recently in quite a few places and the manifold supports rusted off where they meet the firebox. I cut all the rusted tubing out and welded new 1-1/4 tubing sourced locally and scabbed some new flatbar pieces onto the manifold supports. I haven't done anything to the sides of the top but I did replace the handle bolts with stainless ones. I replaced all the bolts I've taken off with stainless when I put it back together.

I put in some new burners and evidently over paid for heavy duty flavorizer bars from Amazon when comparing the rcplanebuyer prices. Wish I had found this site sooner. I really like the new knobs I got as they are taller and larger in diameter than the old ones. Makes it surprisingly easier to push down and turn. I like the black knobs too. I've been looking for a black ignitor switch to match the knobs but am not sure if the one I found on Amazon will fit. 3-4 years back I put in an electronic ignition module and really like that compared to the old style. I put on some new wheels too.

I'm still working on doing something with the side table and even kicking around adding a side table to the right side. I had the swing up side table when I first got the grill but I can't for the life of me find it now. Afraid it might have been the victim of over zealous garage cleaning. :(

The grill came with cast iron porcelain coated grates and I've just about cooked them out. The porcelain is still pretty good on the top side but they are disappearing from the bottom up. I've looked at the aluminum "grill grates" several times but can't decide if they're worth it or not compared to replacing it with some stainless ones?

I need to do something to the top but I was ready to get back to grilling. I probably use this thing 2-3 times a week all year round.

It's not much compared to some of the beauties I've seen here but it certainly works better and will last far longer than most of the junk they sell these days.



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That grill is becoming a Franken Grill. It sounds and looks like it started out as an early 1990's Genesis 1000. That grill had the wood shelf, wood swing table and a wood handle. You replaced the wood table with the Durawood which was on later Genesis 1000 grills. Then, somewhere along the way, the wood handle was replaced by a Genesis Silver B handle. In addition to the missing swing table, you are also missing the wire rack for the bottom of the grill. But, no matter, you still have a fully functioning grill. Oh, those wheels on the right side are likely from a different grill as well.

And most on this forum will agree with you that your grill is superior to the grills being peddled today. Gotta love those black knobs.

Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum! You have a grill that you have put some hard work (and $) into, and it looks to me like can stay functional for a long time to come with some of the items you mention. You don't have to get "fancy" just enjoy grilling on a Weber. If you want to do some more cosmetics & improvements like Bruce mentioned, it can all be done over time and would probably help you enjoy your grill even more.

As far as grates go, the majority of our "regulars" I think would all agree that stainless rod grates are the longest lived and easiest to maintain option. There are tons of options. I have been trying to finish a comparison of a bunch of these, but time makes it hard to bring it together. However, I can share some advice that might be of some help:

You can spend anywhere from $30 to $130 for a set of stainless grates. In general the more money you spend, the thicker the grates and tighter the spacing - although that isn't always the case. I would suggest you consider these grates:

Hongso on Amazon - 304 stainless, 7mm diameter, currently about $50

Qlimetal on Amazon - similar to Hongso 7mm 304 stainless. Nicer finish but slightly narrower grates that don't work well if you firebox is at all bowed out. A little over $50 right now with "Coupon"

BBQParts.com - 5/16 304 stainless grates, tighter spacing $89 + shipping

You can spend more or less, but these I think would make most users very happy and are priced in the middle range.

My last comment would be to say that "GrillGrates" are controversial due to their aluminum material and somewhat unconventional design. All I can say is that I personally really like them myself. They make grill marks that have are sharply defined and they do greatly reduce flare-ups.

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