Has Anyone on the Board Competed-with WSM and Won



Has anyone on the board competed with the WSM and placed in a competition? If so, what type of charcoal did you use, what meat placed and what type of wood was used?

Chris Allingham

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Moving this question to the Competition BBQ Forum where many people have competed and won with the WSM.

Member Jerry Aguilar of Burnin and Lootin was the 2012 California Rookie of the Year and came in 2nd overall in the 2014 California Team of the Year standings, cooking exclusively with WSMs.

Member Steve Aguilar of Vicious Smoke took GC at the Pechanga BBQ Championship with a WSM and was 15th overall in the 2014 California Team of the Year standings.

Our good friend Harry Soo of Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ cooks exclusively on WSMs, has won many GC and RGC awards around the U.S. and appeared on the first season of TLC's BBQ Pitmaters using the WSM.

Going back to the late 90s', guys like Mike Scrutchfield, Jim Minion and Jack Rogers, and Hank & Elizabeth Lumpkin were winning contests using the WSM.

Dig deep in this forum and you'll tap into lots of competitive BBQers and WSM competition info.

Brian Moriarty

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just off the top of my head-

Left Hand Smoke "Fire it up!" Competition BBQ - 2010 Pacific Northwest BBQ association Team of the Year.

Wine Country "Q" - 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 Pacific Northwest BBQ Association Team of the Year(s)

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Todd Phillips

I've won peoples choice(pulled pork) 2014 smoke on the square, kcbs hoosier cup. Also placed 4th in chicken at the same event. That was the first time I used my WSM at a event. The only reason why I used it was the event was 10min from my house and I wanted to play with it for peoples choice. After doing comps for a few yrs. I've learned it doesn't really matter what you have. it's the cook and execution.

Chris Allingham

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As for charcoal, I've seen all types used with the WSM at competitions. Many use Kingsford blue bag because it's very affordable when purchased in bulk around Memorial Day and July 4. I've seen some using Kingsford competition briquets. I've seen Royal Oak briquettes and Royal Oak lump. I've seen Big Green Egg lump.

J Hoke

I think we did pretty good for a 2nd year team. Two GCs, 10th overall in KCBS for chicken, and a few other calls. These are from last year.


Bob Bass


If you get a chance to attend a local BBQ competition, by all mean do so. You are in for a treat. Pitmasters, their families, judges... actually everyone is very interested in talking BBQ and helping those just starting their BBQ journey. They are also some of the friendliest people you will meet.

You will also see how many WSMs are out there... and they are very common !

Nothing better than Great Friends, Great BBQ and Great Times.

btw... Wishing Everyone BBQ Excellence this year !

Dave from Denver

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If you want my advice don't go into competition Q with hopes of winning right away - go with hopes of pulling off your plan and having a good time with your pals, and if you place in any category or in the GC race then that's pure bonus and there ain't much better than that.

Spoken like someone who never sniffed GC :) But I do sniff my cookers :wsm:


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Rhythm n' Que out of Arizona have had huge success cooking on WSMs as well. WSM are very capable cookers for comps.

Chris Allingham

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From the 2014 Silicon Valley BBQ Championship: Grand Champion Rhythm n' Que, Reserve Grand Champion Burnin n Lootin, and third overall Son of Smoke. All WSM teams.


Bob Bass

But we already knew that, Brian (grin).
btw... Wishing you and your team, BBQ Excellence this year !

I wonder in what Land MaxS resides in.