Has anyone ever had their grill blown to the other side of the patio by the wind?


Steve Hoch

So I have a Genesis 1000 grill on my patio that I found moved to the other side today. My first thought was that someone came by in the night and pushed it there. The only other thing I can think of is that the wind may have moved it. The only problem with the wind theory is that I can't ever remember that happening before, the grill is pretty heavy. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?


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You might want to consider a leash. The wheel locks don’t keep the grill from sliding across a slick surface like a composite deck.

Also, wind can be tough on exposed parts like manifolds on the old grills.


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Gotta say I used to laugh at these posts until this year. We had outrageous wind. My Weber was parked up tight against my house under the eaves. My Wolf as many of you know I have was not. In the years I have had that monster, it's been through tornados near by, horrendous storms, gale force winds and has never moved from it's spot. Until just this past summer. I happened to look out my patio door and saw the only thing that was keeping it from being blown down the stairs (we have an exposed at the rear ranch), was the (thankfully very strong) steel jacketed over sized gas hose! It was the first and only time wind ever moved it (or any grill) on my deck

Ed Pinnell

We were camped at the beach in the RV and it was a beautiful, calm day so I had our attached 17' awning out freestanding without being tied down. Went to bed like that and in the middle of the night I awoke to the sound of something approaching from offshore, out in the distance. It was a single gust of wind that caught the awning and flipped it and the supports over the roof to the other side of the RV. There were a couple of slight ripple-like gusts of wind that followed, but then it was calm once again. No wind the next day, either, just that single gust.


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Had to chain my Silver B to the deck rails at my last house. The cover is like a sail. I have a better location at the new house for my E-330. It stays put as did the B in that spot.

Raleigh W.

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Back in 2013 my daughter sent me this pic of our patio at the time after I went to work and before she went to school. The wind or a microburst must have come through because it lifted my WSM off its base, flipped the base, lifted the ceramic tile inserts in that table and also the heavy steel chair. Never happened before and hasn't happened since.


Bradley Mack

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I’ve had my genesis launched off the deck during a windstorm. We didn’t have a railing installed at the time. Not even a ding or a scratch.

Ken Barth

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No, but I’ve had a Weber Genesis float onto my property by 5’ - 6’ of storm surge/Atlantic Ocean during hurricane Sandy.
Our beach house is 5 blocks from the ocean and across the street from the bay. Non hurricane winds hit 55+mph. Spirit S210 never moved on our upper deck. Grill covers...different story.

Darren Lebner

Grill covers...different story.
My Weber Performer Deluxe cover only has velcro at the bottom of one single side. Even then, it's only long enough to close around the leg above the bottom wire shelf. So when a strong wind comes from underneath, the cover does a Marylin Monroe. Every now and then, the wind blows it off the cart completely and the only thing preventing it from flying away altogether is that single velcro wrap.

I think I'm going to sew additional and longer velcro strips on 2 more legs diagonally across from each other.