Hanging meat in the WSM


Wayne Dimirsky

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I have one of these racks for my 18 WSM which I've never used. I also have a PBC which I prefer over the WSM. Reading this thread has convinced me that I may need to try out my WSM again which I have not used for about three years. I started having problems getting the temps up so I quit using it.


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I, too, have WSM's and a PBC. I am very well satisfied with both but there are occasions when I have the desire and hands-on time to manually control temps and/or do 12+ hours without refueling. And there are other instances whereupon my taste buds are such that I want to eliminate the taste associated with juices dripping on the coals. So for those times I am glad to have WSM's.

Don Fry

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I have not be able to find a hanging rack for the 18 WSM. Been able to find some for the 22 WSM, but not the 18. Will try to call Weber direct on Monday. Anyone know of a place to order one online of have one you would want to sell?

James N

Don weber doesn't carry them for the 18 wsm anymore... Hopefully someone will come out with a replacement