Giving up your gasser?


Josh - CT

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I’ve had a weber gasser for 15+ years. Loved it, but recently got into smoking with the WSM and love the smell/taste of charcoal and wood.

Id like to replace my gasser, but not sure if I could replace it with a charcoal grill like the summit.

Have any of you done this? If so, any regrets?

Jim C in Denver

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I would not do that.

I was a contented gasser-only for 20 years until I picked up the WSM 18 as a Covid hobby this spring.

Used the WSM as a grill as well as a smoker over the spring/summer/fall and really enjoyed it. Since the WSM isn't really that great as a grill, I'll probably add a grill to scratch the new itch for charcoal. Given all that, I was wondering if I might move on from the gasser.

Then the weather turned cold. I realized the gasser is probably the last grill I would let go of. It works fine during the warm months, but it simply can't be beat for speed and convenience during the bad weather months.

Keep the gasser, forget about the charcoal Summit, and add a Performer, kettle or Jumbo Joe to the portfolio. Any of which set you back less than $100 off CL/FBM. Then see what gets used/not used. Keep all three or sell the one that falls out of the rotation.

I'd only consider the Summit if I had (i) money to burn and (ii) a burning desire for a kamado. Seems like the Summit would be more likely to replace the WSM than the gasser.

Rich Dahl

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Some of us live in areas with fire restrictions in the summer banning charcoal use for about six months of the year. That's why I have two gassers now and a performer which I will always keep to use when appropriate . Our NG E320 is our summer outside oven keeps the heat out of the house.
Our Camp Chef pellet grill replaced our 18 WSM, much less hassle than the WSM in the wind and in the winter less running in and out.
I think having both a gasser and charcoal gives you a lot more options than just gas or charcoal alone.

Kevin Ryan

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If you have the option to have both, have both. When I lived in an apartment I only had room for one grill so I bought an 18" kamado, after I bought a house I picked up a Gennisis II SE-310. I really like having both, that being said if I had to choose one, charcoal all the way.


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I gave up my gasser almost 20 years ago, and I don’t miss it at all. I cook year around up here in the PNW on my WSM, Mastertouch, and occasionally my pellet grill. I just never got the enjoyment of the cook out of a gasser. And that is just as important to me as the quality of the food. In fact I am considering getting rid of my pellet grill for just that reason.

Lynn Dollar

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I will be selling my Spirit E-310 this spring. Is just not getting used. Will probably replace it with a pellet pooper.

Michael Richards

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I grow up grilling all year round only on gas. Then for the first 15 years of my adult life, I was a gas only guy. Two years ago I started smoking with charcoal and wood and when I moved a year ago I never brought over my old gasser. Over the last year I have created my mini arsenal of charcoal cookers to include my WSM 14 and my 22 in Master Touch. I love cooking on Charcoal and love both those cookers so much. I would never go back to gas only. However, with having a busy family there are those days a few times a month where a meal that I if I had a gas it would get cooked on that ends up being cooked inside because I just don't have that little extra time I need for charcoal. If I was in your shoes I would pick up a used 22 in Kettle or even a used preformer with gas assist to see how you use all three options. If you find yourself never using the gasser and loving the charcoal and if you have the ability to go for a Charcoal Summit then go for it.
I am really sitting on my next move with the little funds I have to increase my arsenal. I am debating between a used gasser, a larger used WSM, or a rotisserie and homemade defuser plate for my kettle.

Cee El

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Do what you like. I’ve used everything. I had a poor experience with gas growing up, but you can’t beat the convenience. I own two gassers, and every time I think I should sell, something comes up to change my mind.


I probably wont ever sell my gasser , having more than 1 way to cook keeps me from being bored, son brought in a 17lbs whole ribeye, 2 steaks will be cut off it and then it will hit the smoker up to 130. then I might throw it on the gasser to char a little, the other 2 steaks will be cooked on the gasser 1 of which will be SV'd for my son. I have the room for my toys and a lot of folks have to make hard decisions , Merry Christmas to all

Kyle in Woodstock

I prefer charcoal. Just makes better tasting food to me. I have a Q320 now and only use it when it's raining really bad and I want to grill... Other than that I use a kettle/performer....I'd love a Summit Charcoal though

Joe Anshien

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I prefer charcoal. Just makes better tasting food to me. I have a Q320 now and only use it when it's raining really bad and I want to grill... Other than that I use a kettle/performer....I'd love a Summit Charcoal though
That is also my setup. I have a Q320 on my screened in porch and a performer with the small flip up stainless table on my garage porch. For a gasser I keep coming back to the Q as it takes up so little room, so easy to clean, low maintenance, gets hot so fast, and my wife thinks it's cute! The performer is for larger longer cooks.

Tom Bagley

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Had 2 different Weber gassers for over a 30 year period, now I have a back up 22" and a 26" kettle. Really don't see myself going back to gas, the only plus side for gas to me is the convenience, but it loses dramatically in all other categories.


I don't think I could not have a gasser in my arsenal. It's admittedly my least favorite option, but it tends to be the one used the most. Why? Because of convenience. Currently working on restoring an old genesis, but for now I have a 22" kettle, and a WSM as well.

Kyle in Woodstock

Wow, I did the opposite. Due to fire season here in CA, we got a genesis. Kettle is still #1, but I can grill all year round.....

We had 50 plus spare the air days in a row....
I don't think we have any grilling restrictions anywhere on the east coast. I know we don't here in Georgia. We do have local burn bans in the summer months, but you can still grill; charcoal, gas or whatever you want. And you can actually get around the burn ban if you just burn a bunch of wood and have a pack of hot dogs close by, you can just tell the FD that you are grilling, :coolkettle: