Garlic chipotle shrimp tacos



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Simple. Fast. Flavorful. It doesn’t get any easier.


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Well spill. What's the recipe? What is the white sauce?
this cook done was using 31-40 Costco peeled and deveined shrimp. defrosted in water, rinsed and drained. i had a few U13s (under 13 shrimp per pound) in the freezer which i wanted gone so i added those as well. total weight was around 1 pound plus maybe 3 or 4 oz. extra.

you can bowl-defrost the shrimp in cold water in around 15 mins or so. when thawed, drain the shrimp of excess water and there's no need to pat dry, as you need some of the residual moisture that'll remain in your work bowl.

1 pound of 31-40 shrimp
salt to taste - around .5 tsp
black pepper to taste - around 1 tsp
cayenne pepper to taste - around 1-2 tsp depending on how hot you like your food. i did 1 tsp here
granulated garlic or pressed garlic - to you liking, more = better if you like garlic
chipotles in adobo sauce - we use La Costena brand Chipotles, in a jar, so you can easily use what you need and fridge the rest - you're adding just the adobo sauce here with a small bit of the chipotles. if you want more heat and flavor, add more chipotles and adobo sauce. i used around 1 to 1.5 tsp of adobo sauce with chipotle bits in this cook.

flour - around 6 teaspoons
evoo - 2 tsps - for the shrimp

evoo for your CI or wok - enough to barely get a cover across the pan bottom. this is NOT a deep fry but just pan lubrication to sear
high quality butter - a knob's worth
finely shredded green cabbage - washed rinsed and very well drained to dry
flour or corn tortillas - this meal makes around 10 tacos
mexican crema (mexican sour cream)
lime wedges
salsa of your choosing or hot sauce (tapatio is real good on these)
very very very cold beer

combine the above ingredients up to and including the chipotles and adobo sauce, mix well to ensure even distribution of your seasonings
once well mixed, sprinkle 6 teaspoons across the shrimp mixture and combine the flour onto the shrimps
add the 2 tsp evoo into the now floured seasoned shrimp and mix well to ensure all the shrimps have a little glisten to them. no need to over-oil the shrimp as you're going to cook them in EVOO and butter
heat wok or ci pan to high heat and then add EVOO oil and knob of butter to pan
wait till butter just begins to brown
evenly distribute all the shrimp mixture to pan and do not touch or mix it for at least 2 minutes
after sear develops on first side (nice browning and shrimps are starting to turn white), gently toss shrimp to cook the other side
cook until the shrimps are no longer pink, this will take a few more minutes and then remove them to serving bowl
avoid overcooking the shrimp as they become rubbery when overcooked
warm tortillas to your liking
place shredded cabbage into tortilla
add 5-7 shrimps or however many you believe won't fall out of your taco
squeeze fresh lime across shrimps
lightly dress with crema
optionally top with salsa or hot sauce of your choosing
crack open a super cold beer, relax and enjoy your masterpiece

from start to finish, including thawing, this meal can be assembled in around 35-40 minutes. once your shrimps are thawed and drained, you can cook this meal in 15 minutes if you're efficient in the kitchen.

serve with mexican rice, tortilla chips, black beans or anything your heart desires.

LMK if you cook this and what you think of it.
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That looks fantabulous! (I've got some of that crema in the fridge - nice to have on hand)
they are a crowd pleaser and do make the menu when we do sunday funday football friends day and make a taco bar. there's never any leftovers on these :(. and if you like, melt cheese onto your tortilla first and then build your taco(s). even more added goodness.


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I’ve read that and wondered if anyone really likes my recipes?!?!?

i didn’t want to gunk up the recipes section just because I made a few cooks. I’ll defer to what others will want. I can do as the Board and members wish. I just didn’t want to be “that guy.”

advice and input is appreciated. Thanks!