Free PDF mini-book & sample recipes from "Weber's Ultimate Grilling"


Chris Allingham

Staff member
You can download a free PDF mini book of Weber's Ultimate Grilling prior to our Q&A with author Jamie Purviance on April 23-26, 2019. Hopefully this will provoke the posting of lots of questions for Jamie to answer!

The mini book includes recipes for:

  • Chicken breasts with green herb salsa
  • Porterhouse steak with board sauce
  • Bruschetta done six ways
  • Portabello mushrooms with chard and feta
  • Roasted carrot hummus with pita chips
Thanks to Breanne Sommer on Jamie's PR team for making this available to TVWBB readers!
Chris, thanks for posting this. I have most of Jamie Purviance's cookbooks. My first thought was, "Purviance cannot create new cooking content without rehashing the same recipes from his previous cookbooks."

I've reconsidered after looking at the recipes in the mini pdf.

It's nice to see Purviance incorporate Adam Perry's board sauce technique from Perry's Charred & Scruffed book, among other recipes in the preview document. It looks like I'll be buying this for a couple of people: myself and my father to check out what Purviance is up to, nowadays!
Thanks for the feedback! Hopefully you'll have some questions for Jamie about his new book when he joins us next week.
Believe me, if you told me 20 years ago that I would write 17 books on grilling and barbecue, I would say, "Forget about it. I don't have that many ideas." The surprise for me was that the more I developed recipes, the easier it became to come up with new recipes. This latest book has stuff that I never would have occurred to me a few years. If you looking for something new and different, I'm sure you will find it in Weber's Ultimate Grilling. Thanks for picking up a couple copies.
Received my copy today and after a quick look I think there is a whole lot of new recipes and methods that I'm itching to try. Glad I got it.